WP3 Deliverables

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Below is an overview of the deliverables and milestones associated with this workpackage.

Submitted deliverables are attached at the bottom of the page.


Deliverable Description Month Status
D3.1.1 Definition of an information exchange concept 3
D3.2.1 Operational web site with basic interactive features 6
D3.2.2 Setup of an initial infrastructure for data collection 6
D3.2.3 Mid-term web site update with integration of new features 18
D3.3.1 Integration of the QUROPE databases into the project web site 12
D3.4.1 Presentation of a project logo 1
D3.4.2 Project flyer and press release 12
D3.4.3 PR and dissemination concept 6
D3.4.4 Report on the documentary movie production and final presentation 24
D3.4.5 Final report on dissemination activities 36
D3.4.6 Report on additional dissemination work 42
D3.5.1 Report on the first year Quantum Envoy activities 12
D3.5.2 Report on the second year Quantum Envoy activities 24
D3.5.3 Final report on Quantum Envoy activities 36
D3.6.1 Setup of a Scientific Discussion Forum 12
D3.6.2 Database of introductory and overview material 24


Milestone no. Description Month Status
2 Definition of an information exchange concept 3


QUIE2T_D3.1.1_Information_concept.pdf588.04 KB
QUIE2T_D3.2.1_Website.pdf2.03 MB
QUIE2T_D3.2.2_Infrastructure_Data_collection.pdf3.69 MB
QUIE2T_D3.2.3_Website.pdf1.93 MB
QUIE2T_D3.3.1_QUROPE_databases.pdf74.16 KB
QUIE2T_D3.4.1_Project_Logo.pdf109.42 KB
QUIE2T_D3.4.2_Project_Flyer.pdf289.56 KB
QUIE2T_D3.4.3_PR_concept.pdf86.32 KB
QUIE2T_D3.4.4_Documentary_movie_merged.pdf326.99 KB
QUIE2T_D3.4.5_Dissemination.pdf6.32 MB
QUIE2T_D3.4.6_Additional_Dissemination.pdf523.48 KB
QUIE2T_D3.5.1_Quantum_Envoy.pdf65.24 KB
QUIE2T_D3.5.2_Quantum_Envoy.pdf68.7 KB
QUIE2T_D3.5.3_Quantum_Envoy_merged.pdf2.89 MB
QUIE2T_D3.6.1_Discussion_Forum.pdf273.55 KB
QUIE2T_D3.6.2_Intro_Material.pdf220.27 KB