The QUTE-EUROPE Virtual Facilities and Virtual Institutes

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As part of its mission, QUTE-EUROPE is committed to providing a framework for interaction and coordination with the scientific branches of the research community. The framework architecture is structured around a set of Virtual Institutes (VI) and Virtual Facilities (VF).

There are five VI, of Quantum Communication, Quantum Computation, Quantum Information Theory, Quantum Simulation, and Quantum Metrology, Sensing and Imaging.

In 2015, it has been agreed to expand the existing structure to add other aspects of the field, namely Quantum Engineering and Quantum Control, as Virtual Facilities. 

Each of these virtual structures is led by a Director and an Executive Secretary and coordinated by the Head of the QUTE-EUROPE Directorial Board. The structure that has emerged is as follows:


Coordinator A. Acin        

Virtual Institute







D. Esteve

I. Bloch

N. Gisin

I. Walmsley

I. Cirac

Executive Secretary

A. Wallraff

S. Kuhr

R. Thew

F. Jelezko

M. Wolf


R. Blatt

J. Bloch

P. Grangier

M. Plenio

H. Buhrman


D. DiVincenzo

J. Eisert

R. Renner

E. Polzik

M. Troyer

​ ​

D. Loss

M. Inguscio

G. Ribordy

J. Wrachtrup

S. Wehner


P. Zoller

M. Lewenstein

A. Shields

K. Banaszek

R. Werner


L. Vandersypen

R. Ursin


A. Winter


Virtual Facility





C. Marcus

S. Glaser


Executive Secretary

J. Morton

F. Wilhelm