QIPC related projects in FP7: IPs and CAs

Integrated Projects (IPs) were introduced as new funding instruments in FP6. An Integrated Project is a transnational multi-partner project gathering a critical mass of resources with the main aim to generate knowledge in the priority thematic areas of FP6. Integrated projects have to include research and technological development activities and can in addition have demonstration, training and innovation-related activities.

Coordination Actions (CAs) Coordination actions are instruments intended to promote and support the networking and coordination of research and innovation activities. They will cover the definition, organisation and management of joint or common initiatives as well as activities such as the organisation of conferences, meetings, the performance of studies, exchange of personnel, the exchange and dissemination of good practices, setting up common information systems and expert groups.

The currently running IPs and CAs in the area of QIPC and funded under FP7 FET Proactive are listed below.