The AQUTE Integrating Project

The AQUTEproject has ended.
For an overview of results see our Highlights.
Please visit the web site of the successor project SIQS.
The Atomic QUantum TEchnologies (AQUTE) Integrating Project aims at
  1. Developing quantum technologies based on atomic, molecular and optical (AMO) systems both for scalable quantum computation as well as entanglement-enabled technologies (like metrology and sensing)
  2. Establishing new interdisciplinary connections in order to reinforce interdisciplinary links at the frontiers of quantum information science and other scientific fields as well as conceive and realize novel hybrid systems coupling in a coherent way physically different quantum degrees of freedom

These objectives and the research lines pursued to achieve them have determine the structuring of the AQUTE workplan into four deeply interrelated Sub-Projects (SP)

  • SP1: Entangling gates and quantum processors
  • SP2: Hybrid quantum systems and interconnects
  • SP3: Quantum Simulators
  • SP4: Quantum Technologies.
A fifth Sub-Project, SP5: Management and Communication, will ensure the smooth running of the project. The structure of the AQUTE project in terms of Sub-Projects and Work-Packages is shown below, together with the project milestones linking Work-Packages across Sub-Projects.