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On April 28th, QuSoft (the Dutch research centre for quantum software), the Paris Centre for Quantum Computing (PCQC) and the University of Latvia signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly push the frontiers of quantum information theory and develop quantum software for the future quantum computer.

the FET Work Programme 2016-2017 has been adopted yesterday and is now available here:

As you will see on page 36, there is an additional call FETFLAG-02-2017: Coordination and Support Action for Quantum Technologies

The call will open on 23 May 2017 and close on 26 September 2017.

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2017-07-12 10:10

A recently published article on the Quantum Science and Technology tackles the topic of the European Quantum Technologies Flagship Programme

2017-04-28 18:23

QuSoft, the PCQC and the University of Latvia started a collaboration to develop quantum software.

2017-04-25 12:55

The 2016-2017 FET programme has been updated in order to include a new call for a coordination action for Quantum Technologies


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TU Delft QuTech
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Sep 7th, 2017
Joint Center for Quantum Information and Computer Science, University of Maryland
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