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The 2015 QIPC Young Investigator Award will be presented to an outstanding young researcher in the field of Quantum Information Processing and Communication during the QIPC international conference in Leeds, 13th - 18th September 2015,

The award consists of a diploma and a lump sum of 4000€.

Lars Becker-Larsen's documentary ’Taming the Quantum World’ has been awarded a Jury Special Award at the European Science TV & New Media Festival in Lisbon.


Quantum Simulation and Computation: From fundamentals to applications and implementations


June 21-27, 2015, Hindåsgården, Hindås, Sweden

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2015-03-12 14:21

A  conversation with Nobel Laureate Konstantin Novoselov and quantum computing expert Robert Schoelkopf on the materials and technology of future electronics (video inside).

2015-03-10 12:48

The aim of this topical issue is to support future funding schemes at both the national and international levels. For more information see the announcement (pdf).

2015-03-09 11:00

IOP Physics World informs about a new general approach for evaluating the "quantumness" of biological processes such as the ability of some birds to sense the Earth's magnetic field.


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5 hours 19 min from now in ETH Zurich 2 weeks 1 day from now in Benasque, Spain 2 weeks 1 day from now in COL·LEGI MAJOR DE SANT JORDI, Barcelona, Spain

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Mar 31st, 2015
IQOQI - Institute of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information
20 weeks 1 day from now
Mar 25th, 2015
University of Leeds
2 days 5 hours from now
Mar 13th, 2015
University of Oxford, UK
4 weeks 3 days ago