Q-ESSENCE Integrating Project

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Quantum InterfacES, SENsors, and Communication based on Entanglement (Q-ESSENCE) Integrating Project will aim at

  • Development of quantum interfaces capable of high-fidelity mapping of quantum information between different quantum systems
  • Generation of quantum entanglement at new scales and distances as a resource to carry out quantum information tasks
  • Engineering multipartite entanglement in specific topologies of elementary systems

These accomplishments will create manifold opportunities in quantum information technologies that will be captured by Q-ESSENCE to develop realistic and complete schemes for executing ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) tasks. The prospective application areas with the highest potential for significant impact from groundbreaking progress in controlling entanglement in real-world environments will be focal points of the project work plan used to organize the overall effort of the consortium into three tightly intertwined Sub-Projects (SPs)

  • SP1: Quantum Metrology and Sensing
  • SP2: Enabling Technologies for Quantum Communication
  • SP3: Distributed Quantum Information Processing

 The research and technology development activities will be assisted by

  • SP4: Strategic Operations and Management

which will cover scientific coordination, management, dissemination, and meetings and conferences.