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The Coordination Action QUTE-EUROPE maintains and updates a list of databases with material that is relevant for the Quantum Information community. Check the menu on the left for the databases currently available or login to add an entry.

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Latest News

2017-02-27 08:20

The EC has published the slides presented during the event "Quantum Europe 2017 - Towards the Quantum Technology Flagships" as well as the press release from the Maltese presidency

2017-02-17 14:43

Today, the Intermediate Report from the Quantum Technologies Flagship High-Level expert group has been handed over to the European Commission.

2017-01-16 09:14

QuantERA launched its first joint transnational call (Call 2017) for proposals worth € 34 M in support of transnational research in the field of Quantum Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies (Q-ICST).

Upcoming Events


Mar 24th, 2017
Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich, Germany
4 weeks 16 hours from now
Mar 23rd, 2017
QuTech - TU Delft
5 weeks 1 day from now
Mar 21st, 2017
University of Sussex
5 weeks 1 day from now

Selected Research Groups

Institute of Solid State Physics, Technische Universität Berlin, Berlin
Universität Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe

Selected QIPC Projects

COntinuous VAriable Quantum Information with Atoms and Light
Phonon-Assisted Processes for Energy Transfer and Sensing
Qubit Applications
Computing with Mesoscopic Photonic and Atomic States
Foundational structures for quantum information and computation
Cavity quantum phonon dynamics