Hosted projects

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This space is reserved for QIPC related projects to host their web site under the umbrella of the web portal.

If you want your project to be hosted here, please follow the guidelines in our Frequently Asked Questions.

There are a number of built-in services that new projects can use out of the box. Among them:

  • an intranet, i.e. a private area that is only accessible to project members
  • a discussion forum
  • some standard web pages with basic info about the project, e.g. news, events, highlights, etc. The URLs for these pages is found at standard locations, e.g.
    • /projects/%project%/news
    • /projects/%project%/events
    • /projects/%project%/highlights
    • /projects/%project%/groups
    • /projects/%project%/publications
    • /projects/%project%/media
    • /projects/%project%/%wp%/results

    where %project% is a placeholder for the project name or acronym, %wp% is either wp1, wp2, etc for a specific work package, or 'all' for all work packages, and the path is relative to the site base URL (
    Site editors just have to submit new content types (news, events,...) that will automatically show up on these pages. Note that if you want to add links to these pages from the navigation menu, you have to ask an administrator to do that for you.