WP1 Deliverables

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Below is an overview of the deliverables and milestones associated with this workpackage.

Submitted deliverables are attached at the bottom of the page.


Deliverable Description Month Status
D1.1.1 Community survey on relevant database material 3
D1.1.2 Concept of data collection and presentation 6
D1.2.1 Mid-term database update 18
D1.2.2 Final Report with a presentation of collected and analyzed data 36
D1.3.1 Organization of a special Industry Session at a big QIPC conference 36
D1.3.2 Final report on industry contacts and creation of synergies 36



Milestone no. Description Month Status
3 Concept of data collection and presentation 6


QUIE2T_D1.1.1_Community_Survey_0.pdf254.22 KB
QUIE2T_D1.1.2_Data_concept.pdf68.65 KB
QUIE2T_D1.2.1_Database.pdf163.12 KB
QUIE2T_D1.2.2_Analyzed_Data.pdf5.56 MB
QUIE2T D1.3.1 Industry Session merged.pdf5.72 MB
QUIE2T_D1.3.2_Synergies.pdf131.2 KB