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Mar 22, 2014

P. Jouguet, S. Kunz-Jaques, A. Leverrier, Ph. Grangier and E. Diamanti
Nature Photonics 7, 378-381 (2013)

Continuous-variable systems represent a valid alternative to QKD systems based on finite-dimensional
encodings. Their major advantage is that they only require standard telecommunication technology, and in
particular, that they do not use photon counters. However, these systems were considered up till now
unsuitable for long-distance communication.

In their work, Jouguet and colleagues overcome all previous limitations and demonstrate for the first time

Mar 22, 2014

T. Lunghi, J. Kaniewski, F. Bussières, R. Houlmann, M. Tomamichel, A. Kent, N. Gisin, S. Wehner and H. Zbinden
Physical Review Letters 111, 180504 (2013)

Bit commitment is a fundamental cryptographic primitive in which Bob wishes to commit a secret bit to
Alice. Perfectly secure bit commitment between two mistrustful parties until recently was thought to be
impossible even when the parties exchange quantum messages.

However, Kent recently showed that perfect security is indeed theoretically possible, if Alice and Bob split

Mar 22, 2014

S. Nauerth, F. Moll, M. Rau, C. Fuchs, J. Horwath, S. Frick and H. Weinfurter
Nature Photonics 7, 382–386 (2013)

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) is the first commercial application in the field of quantum information science, with the first routine applications in government and financial sectors and with successful demonstrations of trusted node networks. Today, the main goal is efficient long-range key distribution via either a network structure called 'quantum repeaters' or via satellite, with a view to enabling global secure communication.

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