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19th Feb 2015

The 2015 QIPC Young Investigator Award will be presented to an outstanding young researcher in the field of Quantum Information Processing and Communication during the QIPC international conference in Leeds, 13th - 18th September 2015, http://www.qipc2015.leeds.ac.uk/

The award consists of a diploma and a lump sum of 4000€.

9th Jan 2015

The next International Conference on Quantum Information Processing and Communication (QIPC 2015) will take place in the United Kingdom at the University of Leeds from Sunday 13 September to Friday 18 September 2015. Like previous QIPC conferences (e.g. Florence 2013 and Zurich 2011), we aim to bring together researchers from all aspects of Quantum Information Science. Contributions are welcome on any aspect of Quantum Computing, Quantum Communication, Quantum Metrology, and Quantum Algorithms.

22nd Oct 2014


Quantum Simulation and Computation: From fundamentals to applications and implementations


June 21-27, 2015, Hindåsgården, Hindås, Sweden

1st Jul 2014

As many of you probably know, the EC has launched an online consultation to identify game-changing directions for future research in FET related technological domains. The purpose of this consultation is to initiate thinking about future proactive initiatives to be included in the next FET workprogramme for 2016 and 2017.

14th Mar 2014

QUTE-EUROPE SUMMER SCHOOL is focused on training of graduate students in current research topics and challenges of quantum computation and quantum communication technologies. 

The program includes eight series of lectures by leading experts, short presentation of participants on the topics of the lectures.

31st Jan 2014

Quantum envoy is any activity connecting interested third-party audiences with the quantum information research community. Typical examples of quantum envoy are public lectures and exhibitions presenting general aspects of QIPC research and goals.

12th Nov 2013

In accordance with the EU ICT Programme, QUTE-EUROPE is currently inviting outstanding proposals for the bi-annual QIPC conference to be held in 2015.

QUTE-EUROPE (Quantum Technologies for Europe) is an FP7 Coordination and Support Action project that aims at coordinating or supporting research activities and policies at the European level towards a unified, open, and strong community in QIPC (Quantum Information Processing and Communication) research in Europe.

28th Mar 2013

As part of their ongoing effort to chart and shape the evolving landscape of future and emerging technologies, FET have launched a public consultation to identify promising and potentially game-changing directions for future technological research. QUTE-EUROPE WP2 has submitted an idea regarding Quantum Technologies.

6th Mar 2013

The official web domain for the QUTE-EUROPE project has been registered under http://qute-europe.eu/.

18th Dec 2012

Now the partners need to sign their respective Accession Forms. The project is on track to commence on 1st of February!

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