Call for Application to support a Quantum Envoy

2014-01-01 - 2016-01-31

Quantum envoy is any activity connecting interested third-party audiences with the quantum information research community. Typical examples of quantum envoy are public lectures and exhibitions presenting general aspects of QIPC research and goals.

The targeted audience is a non-scientific and non-academic general public, industrial and commercial stakeholder, but quantum envoy may be associated with a scientific event, such as a conference.

Within this call the Coordination Action Program QUTE-EUROPE ( is offering a funding to cover travel costs related to a quantum envoy event. Other expenses (including lodging) are expected to be covered by local organizations, which should also take care of the essential aspect of publicizing the lecture or exhibition.  The event (series of events) has to be located in Europe.

Applications are accepted permanently to apply for support of a Quantum Envoy

We invite applications from both prospective Quantum Envoys, as well as organizations that wish to host a related event. Informal application letters should be sent by e-mail to professor Philippe Grangier: philippe [dot] grangier [at] institutoptique [dot] fr


Applications should contain:

  • a detailed description of the event (time, place, topic, target audience, expected impact and visibility,...)
  •  a detailed financial plan (how much support from QUTE-EUROPE, how is the rest covered?...)


An eligible event should fulfill the following criteria:

  • it should be targeted at a general public, i.e. a non-specialized audience
  • it should be related to the dissemination of the field of Quantum Information
  • it should have a high level of visibility, e.g. in local media


throughout Europe