Call for proposals to organize the bi-annual QIPC conference

2013-11-12 - 2014-02-02

In accordance with the EU ICT Programme, QUTE-EUROPE is currently inviting outstanding proposals for the bi-annual QIPC conference to be held in 2015.

QUTE-EUROPE (Quantum Technologies for Europe) is an FP7 Coordination and Support Action project that aims at coordinating or supporting research activities and policies at the European level towards a unified, open, and strong community in QIPC (Quantum Information Processing and Communication) research in Europe.

Proposals are invited for hosting and organizing the QUTE-EUROPE conference in 2015, being a successor of series of international QIPC conferences taking place in Barcelona (2007), Roma (2009), Zürich (2011) , and Florence (2013).

The number of participants, estimated from previous QIPC conferences, is in the range 250-300.The Conference will take place over one week, and the suggested date is early fall 2015. Proposals during the summer (July or August 2015) may also be considered.

The call is open to academic institutions, public bodies or non-profit organizations established in a country participating in the EU ICT Programme. A successful candidate will be integrated in the QUTE-EUROPE consortium as a partner.

For more details please download the full text of the call at the following link (pdf).
Deadline: 2 February 2014
Budget: 70 000 EUR

If you are interested in organizing the 2015 conference, please send your expression of interest by email to professor Philippe Grangier: philippe [dot] grangier [at] institutoptique [dot] fr or to Carmen Zèques: carmen [dot] zeques [at] institutoptique [dot] fr .