Q-ESSENCE Year I - Publications

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Enclosed you will find a list of Q-ESSENCE publications from the first year of project duration.

Q-ESSENCE_Publications_Year_I_A-K.zip23.71 MB
Q-ESSENCE_Publications_Year_I_L-Z.zip18.71 MB
Publications.pdf259.85 KB
ABP1-10.pdf144.77 KB
ACC1-10.pdf440.57 KB
AS1-10.pdf106.94 KB
BCS1-11.pdf102.74 KB
BCZ1-10.pdf165.62 KB
BEH1-10.pdf148.34 KB
BH1-10.pdf270.18 KB
BKE1-10.pdf242.4 KB
BOE1-10.pdf282.32 KB
BOO1-10.pdf106.21 KB
BPS1-10.pdf534.01 KB
BPS2-10.pdf208.65 KB
BRP1-10.pdf220.51 KB
C1-11.pdf173.4 KB
CAB1-10.pdf240.3 KB
CAS1-10.pdf453.15 KB
CBF1-11.pdf2.36 MB
CBS1-10.pdf459.15 KB
CCD1-10.pdf89.96 KB
CCJ1-10.pdf1.57 MB
CE1-10.pdf231.79 KB
CEG1-10.pdf224.99 KB
CEW1-10.pdf135.8 KB
CLE1-10.pdf1.82 MB
CLM1-10.pdf247.04 KB
CPF1-10.pdf833.88 KB
CPW1-10.pdf609.19 KB
CSV1-10.pdf427.55 KB
CSW1-10.pdf197.95 KB
CTS1-10.pdf416.32 KB
D1-11.pdf221.03 KB
DKD1-10.pdf218.17 KB
DRT1-10.pdf467.73 KB
DSW1-10.pdf298.49 KB
DVB1-10.pdf192.6 KB
DZS1-10.pdf1.88 MB
EHD1-11.pdf181.75 KB
EP1-10.pdf125.94 KB
FWN1-10.pdf472.68 KB
GBH1-10.pdf120.88 KB
GBP1-10.pdf640.65 KB
GE1-10.pdf145.73 KB
GLF1-10.pdf95.42 KB
GLZ1-10.pdf157.03 KB
GME1-10.pdf243.7 KB
GNM1-10.pdf673.37 KB
GPS1-10.pdf131.8 KB
GRA1-10.pdf3.54 MB
GSH1-10.pdf255.97 KB
GT1-10.pdf93.3 KB
HHF1-10.pdf166.97 KB
HHH1-10.pdf237.59 KB
HKH1-10.pdf542.78 KB
HKH1-11.pdf209.56 KB
HLK1-10.pdf203.97 KB
HMS1-10.pdf221.13 KB
HR1-11.pdf272.09 KB
HSO1-11.pdf147.64 KB
HW1-10.pdf279.13 KB
JBC1-11.pdf2.22 MB
JMS1-11.pdf164.22 KB
JSG1-11.pdf141.43 KB
JWK1-11.pdf194.95 KB
KD1-10.pdf159.66 KB
KPR1-10.pdf184.62 KB
LAR1-10.pdf684.42 KB
LLP1-10.pdf120.17 KB
LPB1-10.pdf192.19 KB
LPS1-10.pdf303.28 KB
MGE1-10.pdf426.7 KB
MGS1-10.pdf2.48 MB
MHS1-10.pdf162.13 KB
MKN1-10.pdf340.05 KB
MKT1-10.pdf148.78 KB
MM1-10.pdf327.3 KB
MPA1-10.pdf177.9 KB
MPB1-11.pdf767.33 KB
NH1-10.pdf132.96 KB
OEV1-10.pdf79.7 KB
OKE1-10.pdf292.65 KB
OSR1-11.pdf170.56 KB
P1-10.pdf92.96 KB
PBT1-11.pdf1.09 MB
PH1-11.pdf226.19 KB
PKP1-10.pdf119.44 KB
PKP2-10.pdf144.57 KB
PPG1-10.pdf99.45 KB
RFS1-10.pdf583.14 KB
RGE1-11.pdf220.91 KB
RL1-10.pdf95.72 KB
RML1-10.pdf237.14 KB
RPH1-10.pdf608.36 KB
SBL1-10.pdf92.93 KB
SCS1-10.pdf420.6 KB
SGD1-10.pdf737.09 KB
SPS1-10.pdf145.97 KB
SSR1-11.pdf2.72 MB
SUK1-10.pdf917.98 KB
TBD1-10.pdf228.02 KB
TCF1-11.pdf775.99 KB
TLD1-11.pdf426.54 KB
TSD1-10.pdf219.28 KB
TWG1-10.pdf718.14 KB
TYD1-10.pdf292.88 KB
UNB1-10.pdf731.57 KB
WJK1-10.pdf515.3 KB
WKO1-10.pdf305.04 KB
WVM1-10.pdf377.85 KB
XMP1-11.pdf175.82 KB
XXX1-10.pdf96.42 KB
YNW1-10.pdf119.46 KB
YOH1-10.pdf374.69 KB
ZCK1-10.pdf207.06 KB
ZL1-11.pdf551.99 KB
ZS1-10.pdf636.39 KB