Mobility Funds

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Ideally an IP should have an open structure allowing for the possibility to integrate new groups at letter stage of the project. This would be even truer in the case of IPs addressing a relatively young a very active field of research such the Quantum Information Processing. On the other hand, the relatively small timeframe and the tight budget do not allow us to integrate more groups.
As cost effective alternative, SIQS has set a mobility funds system.

What are they?
The SIQS mobility funds are a specific type of Integration funds set aside from the management budget.
They are employed as a mean to start collaborations in particularly new promising directions opening up during the project lifetime and/or to invite emerging group leaders to join forces with the SIQS partners.
A second use of these grants is to keep contact and continue crucial on-going collaborations with the groups that worked in the SIQS predecessors AQUTE, and could not be accommodated (for budgetary rather than scientific reasons) in the SIQS Consortium. These grants will cover extra expenses (such as travels and/or local expenses).
The mobility for the researchers funded through SIQS mobility grants will thus consist of scientific visits and research stays. In order to maximize flexibility and reactivity, applications will be accepted according to an open scheme. There will be two types of grants:

  • short (visits lasting less than a week),
  • full (visits lasting longer than a week).

For each grants a joint short proposal from the visitor and hosting institution should be presented, briefly describing the purpose and interest of the stay

The Mobility funds cannot be used to fund new SIQS research positions.

Decisional Process

The decision will be taken at management office level and will take into consideration the following aspects:

  • The qualification of The applicant;
  • Interest for the SIQS overall project;
  • Available funds for the specific project year.

How can I place my request?
In order to access to the Mobility grants, you need to fill out the form right below here.

The feedback (positive or negative) will be given within 10 to 15 working days at the mail address indicated in the form.