RySQ Work Package 2: New concepts and new platforms

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Workpackage leader: University of Durham

Participants (acronyms): UULM, CNRS.LAC, CNRS.IO, CNRS.ENS, JGUM, UVA, UIBK, TUE, UKAS


The goal of this WP is to develop new concepts and platforms. New concepts include coherent control and QS using high angular momentum Rydberg manifolds, and strategies exploiting the properties of atoms with multiple valence electrons. New experimental platforms include trapped ions and two- and multi-electron atoms, as well as new types of atomic lattices compatible with Rydberg excitation. 

List of tasks:

Task2.1: new concepts
Task2.2: Rydberg interaction among 2-electrons atoms
Task2.3: new designs for quantum simulation in atomic lattices
Task2.4: quantum simulations using trapped ions

Deliverables: WP 2 Mid-project report (M18); WP 2 End-project report (M36)

Private Blog: here