RySQ Work Package 4: Many-Body Structures and Phase Transitions

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Workpackage Leader: Max Planck Institute (Insitute for Quantum Optics)

Participants (acronyms): UULM, CNRS.LAC, CNRS.IO, JGUM, AU, MPG.PKS, UVA, TUE.

List of tasks:

Task 4.1: quantum simulations based on many-body control
Task 4.2: many-body optimal control
Task 4.3: crystallization and spatial correlations


In this WP the RQS will be engineered by controlling the initial ground state geometric distribution of small or large number of atoms. 

Deliverables: First year WP 4 Mid-project report (M18); WP 4 End-project report (M36)


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