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Format: 2017-03-29
Format: 2017-03-29

26th Jan 2017

Rydberg-dressing allows for the introduction of controllable long-range interactions for ground state atoms. In this work, we realize a Rydberg-dressed Ising spin system and study the interaction induced growth of spin-spin correlations in an interferometric measurement. This enables us to benchmark the predicted tunability of Rydberg-dressed interactions.

4th Aug 2016

We propose a scheme to simulate lattice spin models based on strong and long-range interacting Rydberg atoms stored in a large-spacing array of magnetic microtraps.

27th Jul 2016

Cold atomic gases resonantly excited to Rydberg states can exhibit strong optical nonlinearity at the single photon level. We observe that in such samples radiation trapping leads to an additional mechanism for Rydberg excitation.

26th Jul 2016

Highly-excited Rydberg atoms have strong long-range interactions resulting in exotic optical properties such as large single photon non-linearities and intrinsic bistability. In this paper we study optical-driven non-equilibrium phase transitions in a thermal Rydberg gas with a sensitivity two order of magnitude higher than in previous work.

26th Jul 2016

By mapping the strong interaction between Rydberg excitations in ultra-cold atomic ensembles onto single photons via electromagnetically induced transparency, it is now possible to realize a medium which exhibits a strong optical nonlinearity at the level of individual photons. We review the theoretical concepts and the experimental state-of-the-art of this exciting new field, and discuss first applications in the field of all-optical quantum information processing.

26th Jul 2016

We present a solid-state laser system that generates over 200 mW of continuous-wave, narrowband light, tunable from 316.3 nm – 317.7 nm and 318.0 nm – 319.3 nm.

26th Jul 2016
Optical frequency combs provide the clockwork to relate optical frequencies
to radio frequencies. Hence, combs allow to measure optical frequencies
with respect to a radio frequency where the accuracy is limited
only by the reference signal. In order to provide a stable link between the
radio and optical frequencies, the two parameters of the frequency comb
must be fixed: the carrier envelope offset frequency fceo and the pulse

6th Jul 2016

We study the influence of Rydberg dressed interactions in a one-dimensional (1D) Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC). We show that 1D is advantageous over 3D for observing BEC Rydberg dressing. The effects of dressing are studied by investigating collective BEC dynamics after a rapid switch-off of the Rydberg dressing interaction. The results can be interpreted as an effective modification of the $s$-wave scattering length.

6th Jul 2016

We present our experimental investigation of an optical Raman transition between the magnetic clock states of $^87$Rb in an atom chip magnetic trap. The transfer of atomic population is induced by a pair of diode lasers which couple the two clock states off-resonantly to an intermediate state manifold.

6th Jul 2016

We present experimental results on the influence of magnetic fields and laser polarization on electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) using Rydberg levels of $^87$Rb atoms. The measurements are performed in a room temperature vapor cell with two counter-propagating laser beams at 480nm and 780nm in a ladder-type energy level scheme.

18th Mar 2016

We investigate the non-equilibrium dynamics of a driven-dissipative spin ensemble with competing power-law interactions. We demonstrate that dynamical phase transitions as well as bistabilities can emerge for asymptotic van der Waals interactions, but critically rely on the presence of a slower decaying potential-core.

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