RySQ Work Package 1: Benchmarking and Interfaces

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Workpackage leader: Aarhus University
Participants (acronyms): USTU.TH, CNRS.ENS, UDUR, ETHZ, UHEI, INO, UKAS.
Objectives: In this WP we will define criteria to characterize the robustness of various RQS architectures with respect to technical imperfections and environmental noise, and their dependence on the size of the system. 
List of tasks
Task1.1: benchmarking and exploration of general criteria for quantum simulators
Task1.2: interfaces between Rydberg atoms and superconducting resonators
Task1.3: interfaces between Rydberg atoms and optical photons

Deliverables: WP 1 Mid-project report (M18); WP 1 End-project report (M36)

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