Latest research on noisy quantum simulations hits the cover of the APS Physics


"Quantum simulation hits the open road"  - names his article Prof. Dan Browne from the University College London.

Prof. Dan Browne from the University College London in the newest issue of APS Physics writes about the QEssence's researchers latest discovery ( that using a quantum computer to simulate another quantum system will work even when the modeled system is not isolated from its environment.

"One of the most important practical applications of a quantum computer would be the simulation of other quantum systems. Until now, the possibility of an accurate simulation had been rigorously demonstrated only for closed quantum systems—those with no decoherence or dissipation due to interactions with an environment. In Physical Review Letters, Martin Kliesch of the Free University of Berlin and the University of Potsdam, Germany, and his colleagues have shown rigorously that open quantum systems—those which interact with an environment—can also be efficiently simulated with quantum computers [1]. This opens up the potential impact of quantum computers to important applications in condensed-matter physics, quantum chemistry, and even biology. (...)"

starts his article Prof. Dan Browne in the recent viewpoint of the APS Physics magazine.