AQUTE Sub-Projects

SP1: Entangling gates and quantum processors (leader: R. Blatt) SP1 deals with few-qubit quantum processing in the bottom-up approach from individually trapped particles to scalable systems, and will improve over the state-of-the-art of the AMO implementations of quantum processors (which has been set by the AQUTE predecessor SCALA) that lie at the core of the objective of developing scalable quantum computation. Further on, SP1 delivers the solid basis of scalable entanglement generation that will be used in the other SPs. SP1 is composed by four Work-Packages

  • WP1.1: Trapped ions for quantum processors (leader: R. Blatt)
  • WP1.2: Cavity-QED for entanglement operations (leader: D. Meschede)
  • WP1.3: Scalable neutral atom quantum processing (leader: Ph. Grangier)
  • WP1.4: Few-body quantum control (leader: K. Mølmer)

SP2: Hybrid quantum systems and interconnects (leader: G. Rempe) SP2 proceeds from different individual qubit implementations and deals with interconnections between them, including hybrid systems, reaching out to recent successes in solid-state quantum information processing. SP2 is composed by three Work-Packages

  • WP2.1: Interconnects between ions and/or atoms (leader: G. Morigi)
  • WP2.2: Flying qubits and cavity-QED (leader: G. Rempe)
  • WP2.3: AMO connecting with solid state systems (leader: T. Hänsch)

SP3 Quantum simulators (leader: M. Lewenstein) SP3 addresses the top-down side of AQUTE objective A by investigating implementations of quantum simulators, including new systems that have recently become experimentally accessible for quantum manipulations: polar molecules, alkaline earths and Rydberg atoms. SP3 is composed by four Work-Packages

  • WP3.1: Optical lattices quantum simulation (leader: I. Bloch)
  • WP3.2: Dipolar system interactions and entanglement (leader: J-I. Cirac)
  • WP3.3: Alkaline earths (leader: M. Inguscio)
  • WP3.4: Quantum state and reservoir engineering (leader: P. Zoller)

SP4 Quantum technologies (leader: J. Schmiedmayer) SP4 looks for applications of controlling and manipulating entanglement other than information processing, including quantum technologies such as entanglement-enhanced metrology and sensing, thereby addressing the objective of developing novel technological applications of entanglement. SP4 is composed by three Work-Packages

  • WP4.1: Chip clocks and entangled ion frequency measurements (leader: J. Reichel)
  • WP4.2: Quantum enhanced measurements (leader: J. Schmiedmayer)
  • WP4.3: Novel experimental techniques for quantum devices (leader: S. Haroche)



SP0: Management and Communication (leaders: T. Calarco and F. Schmidt-Kaler) SP0 will set up an appropriate organization and an optimal workflow that will ensure the smooth running of all the projects components. SP0 is composed by two Work-Packages

  • WP0.1: Financial, contractual and project management (leader F. Schmidt-Kaler)
  • WP0.2: Internal and external communication (leader: T. Calarco)