AQUTE overview

The developing of quantum technologies based on atomic, molecular and optical (AMO) systems for scalable quantum computing and entanglement-enabled technologies (Objective A) will be pursued along two complementary directions:

  • a bottom-up approach, where individually trapped atomic particles are combined into elementary general-purpose quantum processors including qubit interconnects;
  • a top-down approach, where many-particle atomic systems are employed to realize special purpose quantum processors, for instance quantum simulators.

Since groundbreaking work in qualitatively new directions is also needed to lay the foundations for the future attainment of scalable fault-tolerant architectures, AQUTE will also

  • investigate new experimental systems that have become available in the laboratory and are of direct relevance for QIFT;
  • optimize existing and develop novel theoretical concepts for quantum processing.

Objective B, namely to establish and exploit new interdisciplinary connections coming from AMO physics but also including concepts and experimental settings from solid state systems, connects atomic quantum technologies for QIFT to a wider context, by

  • exploring hybrid approaches to QIFT beyond AMO physics;
  • improving connections between QIFT and science in general, following the emergence of a new quantum paradigm at the frontier of nanosciences and information sciences.