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2013-11-22 10:48

SOLID collaboration reveals spin charge relaxation

2013-11-22 10:40

Giant cross-Kerr effects for propagating microwaves induced by an artificial atom

2013-11-22 10:37

Breakdown of the cross Kerr scheme for photon counting

2013-11-22 10:32

Long distance coherent coupling in a quantum dot array

2013-11-22 10:27

Hanson group demonstrate entanglement by measurement in solid state qubits...

2013-11-22 10:24

Deterministic entanglement of superconudcting qubits by parity measurement and feedback

2013-11-22 10:18

Entanglement at room temperature in diamond

2013-11-22 10:15

Wallraff group demonstrate deterministic quantum teleportation with feed-forward in a solid state system. 

2013-11-22 10:07

Wrachtrup group sense single remote nuclear spins

2013-11-20 21:16

Wallraff group demonstrate exchange interactions, superradiant states and subradiant states for two qubits placed two centimeters apart in an open one-dimensional space.


2013-11-20 21:09

SOLID partner Ronald Hanson is the 2012 recipient of the Nicholas Kurti European Science Prize.


2013-11-20 21:01

An ERC Advanced Grant was awarded to Andreas Wallraff by the European Research Council (ERC) for the project "Superconducting Quantum Networks".

2013-11-20 20:49

Entangled diamonds...

2013-11-20 20:40

Two superconducting qubits entangled!

2013-11-13 19:00
2013-11-12 19:00
2013-11-02 19:00
2013-10-17 19:00
2013-10-14 19:00
2013-09-23 22:48

Anyone can try quantum computing experiments on Bristol’s public access two-quibit chip.

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