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Format: 2017-04-26
Format: 2017-04-26
2017-01-16 10:14

QuantERA launched its first joint transnational call (Call 2017) for proposals worth € 34 M in support of transnational research in the field of Quantum Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies (Q-ICST).

2017-01-03 12:43

In January 2017 the QuantERA Consortium will announce a Call for Proposals in the field of quantum technologies.

2016-10-12 21:15

The document containing a summary of results of the Commission HLSC is available for download 

2016-08-17 04:51

China’s quantum network could soon span two continents, thanks to a satellite launched on Aug 15.

2016-08-17 00:31

Cryptographer Léo Ducas from the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) has won the 2016 Internet Defense Prize.

2016-08-08 10:13

Following the nomination of the chair, Prof. Mlynek, the Commission has now formally set-up the Commission Expert Group, with 13 very high level academic members, that will provide recommendations on the preparation of the Quantum Technology Flagship.

2016-04-18 04:31

More than 10,000 computer-game enthusiasts have helped physicists in Denmark to design better protocols for running quantum computers.

2016-04-01 18:18

Physical Review A has recently changed its formal statement of coverage to explicitly include Quantum Information.

2016-04-01 18:13

One of the most prestigious journals on mathematical and theoretical physics, “Annales Henri Poincaré” (AHP), has opened a Section in Quantum Information Theory.

2016-03-07 03:13

A realization of a scalable Shor algorithm, as proposed by Kitaev, is presented, factoring the number 15 by effectively employing and controlling seven qubits and four “cache qubits” and by implementing generalized arithmetic operations, known as modular multipliers.

2016-02-08 15:06

How soon will we have quantum computers? In what ways will they transform our lives? Listen in as some of the top experts from tech companies working on quantum computing weigh in.

2016-02-08 14:47

IOP Publishing is announcing the launch of Quantum Science and Technology, a new, high-impact journal engaged with advances in fundamental quantum information science and related quantum-enabled technologies.

2016-01-28 05:05

Prof. Haroche speaks @ the 2015 Annual Lecture of STOA Panel of the European Parliament.

2016-01-25 15:10

To acknowledge outstanding achievements in the foundations of quantum physics, Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information (IQOQI) in Vienna introduces the Paul Ehrenfest Best Paper Award for the best quantum foundations publication in a given year.

2015-12-14 01:39

The Physics World 2015 Breakthrough of the Year goes to Jian-Wei Pan and Chaoyang Lu of the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei, for being the first to achieve the simultaneous quantum teleportation of two inherent properties of a fundamental particle – the photon.

2015-12-09 11:08

Troyer, Zintchenko and Brown (ETH Zurich) summary on recent developments in quantum annealing.

2015-12-03 10:21

QuSoft, the first research center dedicated to quantum software, has been launched. It is a joint initiative of CWI, UvA and VU, located at Amsterdam Science Park. QuSoft complements QuTech, strengthening the position of the the Netherlands in world-class quantum information research.

2015-09-27 18:18

Physicists in the UK have shown how to defend a quantum cryptographic system against Trojan-horse attacks.

2015-09-27 18:04

Quantum superpositions seem to be a key ingredient in photosynthesis.

2015-09-07 05:19

American chip manufacturer Intel and QuTech, the quantum institute of TU Delft and TNO, have finalised plans for a ten-year intensive collaboration.

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