Wallraff group demonstrate "Deterministic quantum teleportation"


Wallraff group demonstrate deterministic quantum teleportation with feed-forward in a solid state system. 

In a recent Nature Paper the group of Andreas Wallraff at ETH Zürich have realized full deterministic quantum teleportation with feed-forward in a chip-based superconducting circuit architecture. Hereby, they used a set of two parametric amplifiers for both joint two-qubit and individual qubit single shot readout, combined with flexible real-time digital electronics.  They have been successful to teleport quantum states between two macroscopic systems separated by 6 mm at a rate of 104 s, exceeding other reported implementations. The low transmission loss of the superconducting waveguides used is likely to enable the range of this and other schemes to be extended to significantly larger distances, enabling tests of non-loc- ality and the realization of elements for quantum communication at microwave frequencies. The demonstrated feed-forward may also find application in error correction schemes.