Research engineer position in optical telecommunication for quantum cryptography

ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences
28 February, 2020

The Optoelectronics Group, led by Prof. Dr. Valerio Pruneri, at ICFO is offering a research engineer position to a well-qualified, highly motivated and dynamic young individual who wishes to enhance his/her scientific career in a friendly and stimulating environment.

PhD or PostDoctoral position for theoretical research on the many-body physics of ultracold atoms

Institute of Physics, Albert-Ludwig University of Freiburg
18 December, 2019

Dear members of 'The QUROPE mailing list', I am looking for a PhD student or PostDoc for developing and applying MCTDH-X ( http://ultracold.org ) and machine learning algorithms for the many-body physics of systems of ultracold atoms as well as the images of them: https://euraxess.ec.europa.eu/jobs/464406 If you are interested, please get in touch. If you know someone who might be interested, feel free to forward this announcement. Regards, Axel Lode -- ################################################ Dr. Axel U. J.

Chair in Experimental Quantum Communications

The York Centre for Quantum Technologies (YCQT), University of York, York, United Kingdom
19 January, 2020

The York Centre for Quantum Technologies (YCQT) is an interdisciplinary centre that includes activities in the departments of Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, Mathematics and Physics. YCQT also hosts the leadership of the UK Quantum Communications Hub, with Professor Tim Spiller as the Director of both the Centre and the national Hub. The Quantum Communications Hub has been awarded further EPSRC funding for a five-year Phase 2 through to 2024.

PhD and postdoctoral positions at Institute for Theoretical Physics, Ulm

Institute for Theoretical Physics at the University of Ulm
1 September, 2019
The Institute for Theoretical Physics at the University of Ulm invites applications for PhD and postdoctoral positions in theoretical quantum physics.
Several openings will be available in the recently awarded 5 year Reinhart Koselleck Project of the German Research Council to Prof Martin Plenio for which we are seeking applicants with an interest in 
- signal processing methods applied to nanoscale NMR and quantum sensing,

Associate Lecturer in Mathematical Physics

University of York, York, United Kingdom
25 May, 2019

The Department of Mathematics at the University of York are seeking an 
outstanding candidate for the role of Associate Lecturer in Mathematical 
Physics, to enhance our teaching in this area.

The main responsibilities are:

- To lecture, lead seminars, tutorials and other forms of undergraduate 
and postgraduate teaching
- To develop and apply innovative and appropriate teaching techniques 
and material which create interest, understanding and enthusiasm amongst 

Group leaders at the Centre for Quantum Optical Technologies

University of Warsaw
7 June, 2019

The recently created Centre for Quantum Optical Technologies at the University of Warsaw, Poland (qot.uw.edu.pl) seeks to appoint group leaders who will develop ambitious and innovative research effort exploring quantum phenomena, such as superpositions and entanglement, in optical and optically controlled system, with the long-term aim of their practical utilisation.

Quantum Algorithms

University of Vienna, Faculty of Physics
7 February, 2019

Open to new ideas. Since 1365. As a research university with high international visibility and a wide range of degree programmes, the University of Vienna is committed to basic research open to application and research-led teaching, as well as to career development of young researchers and to the dialogue with economy and society. That way, the University of Vienna contributes to the education of future generations and to the society’s ability to innovate.

Three reserach positions

the Global Research Center for Quantum Information Science, National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo
15 January, 2019

The Global Research Center for Quantum Information Science (https://qis1.ex.nii.ac.jp) at the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo (Japan) is seeking applicants for three fixed term theoretical research appointments:

1. a five year research position (assistant professor equivalent) in the field of quantum architecture, applications for small scale quantum computation, and/or quantum middle/software.

Physics senior lecturers in quantum information and quantum technologies

University of Portsmouth, UK
6 January, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

Pot-doc and Ph.D.-student positions in quantum communication theory

Palacky University Olomouc, Czech Republic
1 June, 2019

Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic, announces one post-doc and one Ph.D.-student positions in theory of quantum information processing with photonic continuous variables, funded within EU Quantum Flagship and a national research project. The research will be applied to quantum communications and experimental-theoretical collaboration with the leading experimental groups in the field is foreseen. The positions are in the Quantum Communications sub-group, led by Dr. Vladyslav Usenko, within the Quantum Optics Theory group of prof.

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