Introductory Material

Links to some scientific material (tutorials, papers, virtual labs,..) on the web. video lectures

Lectures by David Deutsch on youtube.

Q+ hangouts

Collection of slides and videos from Google plus online.

'Boson sampling' offers shortcut to quantum computing

A article about an optical device that could outstrip classical computers.

How Quantum Computers Work

A brief description of how Quantum Computers Will work from

Quantum Entanglement and Bell's Theorem

A complex mathematical description of the essential non-classical nature of quantum entanglement.

Teleportation Takes Quantum Leap

Good clear article from the National Geographic on quantum teleportation, including its use in cryptography.

Quantum Entanglement and Information

A comprehensive guide to quantum entanglement and its implications for quantum computing, teleportation and cryptography.

The Strange World of Quantum Entanglement

Popular physics author Brian Clegg explains the basics of quantum entanglement and its applications for quantum computers and teleportation.

Learning material on Quantum Computing

A collection of links and articles at the University of Cambridge.

David Deutsch video lectures

A series of lectures by David Deutsch designed as an introduction to the quantum theory of computation.

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