Introductory Material

Links to some scientific material (tutorials, papers, virtual labs,..) on the web.

Quantum Entanglement : The Movie - by Scientific American

Quantum-entangled twins or hoaxsters? In this dramatized film Scientific American editors George Musser and John Matson try to convince a colleague that their brains are entangled on the subatomic level.

How Quantum Entanglement Works

These pages explain quantum entanglement by way of pictures, analogies, but without math.

Educational Physics Resources

Educational Physics Resources at

How does quantum teleportation work?

In less than 100 seconds, John Rarity explains why it is tricky to copy quantum information.

Why would quantum computers be so much faster than classical computers?

In less than 100 seconds, John Rarity explains how quantum mechanics could speed up computing exponentially.

Quantum Computing

Hagar, Amit, "Quantum Computing", The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Spring 2011 Edition)

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