Introductory Material

Links to some scientific material (tutorials, papers, virtual labs,..) on the web.

All about... Quantum Computing

Wondering what the Nobel Prize in Physics 2012 is all about? Let us help……..

How Quantum Cryptology Works

Learn about quantum cryptography at

SECOQC White Paper on Quantum Key Distribution and Cryptography

European project to create a large scale quantum cryptography network, includes discussion of current QKD approaches and comparison with classical cryptography.


Interactive quantum cryptography demonstration experiment with single photons for education.

Best-Kept Secrets

Scientific American Magazine (January 2005 Issue): Non-technical article on quantum cryptography.

A Gallery of Quantum States

An introduction to quantum optics of the light field.

QI Live

Recorded research seminars at Imperial College relating to quantum entanglement.


A creative interpretation of Quantum Entanglement

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