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2011-04-06 09:20

Registration for the QIPC 2011 conference is now open, the deadline is May 15.

2011-03-15 16:16

The European Commission presented a Green Paper proposing major changes to EU research & innovation funding and is seeking the views of all interested individuals and organisations.

2011-03-09 15:26

A call for nominations for the QIPC Young Investigator Award 2011 has been published.

2011-02-23 11:17

Lecce, Italy, September 20-22, 2011

2011-02-17 15:06

The registration for the FET QIFT Open Day held on 15th April in Warsaw and Cluster Review, 14th April, is open.

2011-02-03 16:46

The web site for the QIPC 2011 conference in Zuerich is now available.

2011-02-02 17:38

Q-ESSENCE MTC has agreed to support 5
scholarships related to the 'SUSSP67: Quantum Information &  Coherence' summer school in Scotland.

2011-02-01 11:18

Contributions are invited for the special issue on “Trapped Ions” in Applied Physics B – Lasers and Optics.

2011-01-31 17:55

Information on Q-ESSENCE project appeared in the FET Newsletter January Edition.

2010-12-21 16:22

One of the current ICT call 7 objectives is targeting at reinforcing the cooperation across the enlarged European Union within the ongoing ICT/7FP projects.

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