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2010-04-13 11:20

The National ICT Research Directors Forum starts on Monday 12 April at lunch time and finishes after lunch on Tuesday 13 April.

2010-04-06 08:22

"Spin-squeezed" atoms boost the precision of an interferometer based on interacting atoms.

2010-03-31 22:54

A quantum trick could provide sharper ticks for the atomic clocks of the future.

2010-03-19 14:27

The next Q-Essence meeting, 8th of July, Oxford.

2010-03-19 11:13

Longest quantum walk to date could lead to computing applications.

2010-03-19 11:12

An important step towards testing Schrödinger's cat paradox.

2010-03-04 13:26

A forum topic has been started to collect input on relevant database material.

2010-02-09 15:21

The Q-ESSENCE kick-off meeting will be held in the Universitaet Wien,  5-6 March 2010.

2010-02-02 13:51

With the start of the new CA QUIE2T the web portal has been officially launched.

2010-02-01 14:20

The QUIE2T project has officially started today.

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