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2012-04-23 10:06

Many congratulations to QUIE2T Work Package leader Ian Walmsley upon his election as a Fellow of the Royal Society!

2012-03-30 16:27

QESSENCE Year 2 - Summary

2012-03-28 08:20

The highest prize for experimental physics of the German Physical Society DPG goes to AQUTE member Rainer Blatt.

2012-03-21 20:06

Andreas Wallraff was awarded the 2011 Max-Rössler Prize in recognition of his outstanding research at the interface of information technology and quantum physics. The award comes with 200,000 Swiss francs as prize money. 

2012-03-19 15:51

Version 1.2 of the QICS is available.

2012-02-02 12:04

A call for proposals for the next QUIE2T sponsored QIPC conference has been published.

2012-01-26 14:58

Villum Kann Rasmussen Annual Award for Technical and Scientific Research for 2012 goes to AQUTE member Prof. Klaus Mølmer .

2012-01-25 18:56

Realization of a hybrid atom-optomechanical system is a first

2012-01-20 13:09

QUIE2T coordinator Vladimir Buzek has been selected to share his experiences about running a CA at the FET Proactive Information Day.

2012-01-20 10:09

AQUTE 2nd year review meeting, 20th of April, 2012, in Mainz

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