Quantum Simulation

Spring meeting of the German Physical Society 2017

Annual spring meeting of the German Physical Society in Mainz

poster title: "Quantum simulators for open quantum systems using quantum Zeno dynamics"

presented by Sabrina Patsch (UKAS), date: March 9, 2017

Workshop ’Correlation and Order in Rydberg Gases’

workshop organized by A. Browaeys, K. van Druten, S. Kokkelmans, K. Mølmer, R. Spreeuw

speaker: Christiane Koch (UKAS), date: May 31, 2016

title: Quantum optimal control of Rydberg dynamics

Quantum Flagship: HLSC intermediate report handed over to the EC


Today, the Intermediate Report from the Quantum Technologies Flagship High-Level expert group has been handed over to the European Commission.

Today, the Intermediate Report from the Quantum Technologies Flagship High-Level expert group has been handed over to the European Commission. The hand-over took place during the Quantum Technologies Flagship conference organised by the Maltese presidency, which saw the participation of high profile scientists and industry representatives, as well as several national programme representatives.

QuantERA Proposers' Day in Malta

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2017-02-10 (All day)
Grand Hotel Excelsior - Malta, Great Siege Road, Floriana
On February 16th, 2017 QuantERA infoday accompanied by a networking event for potential proposers within QuantERA Call 2017 will take place in Malta.

QuantERA launches a joint transnational call on Quantum Technologies research


QuantERA launched its first joint transnational call (Call 2017) for proposals worth € 34 M in support of transnational research in the field of Quantum Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies (Q-ICST).

Thirty research funding organisations from 26 countries throughout take part in the Call that has a deadline for pre-proposals on the 15th of March 2015.

The Call covers six main topics in the Q-ICST field:

QuantERA Call 2017 Pre-Announcement


In January 2017 the QuantERA Consortium will announce a Call for Proposals in the field of quantum technologies.


QuantERA is a network of 31 agencies from 26 countries, coordinated by the National Science Centre, Poland. With a budget of over EUR 34 M, including co-funding from the European Commission, QuantERA will support international research projects in the field of Quantum Technologies.

Mesoscopic Transport and Quantum Coherence 2017, QTC 2017

2017-08-05 - 2017-08-08
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2017-07-20 (All day)
Espoo, Finland

This conference brings together experts working on topics involving quantum effects in electron transport, superconducting qubits and hybrid circuits, quantum thermodynamics, circuit QED, cavity optomechanics, topological and 2D materials. It is the official satellite of the 28th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics LT28,  and is endorsed by the IUPAP.

Conference and PhD school: "From Few to Many: Exploring Quantum Systems, one atom at a time" (EQS2017)

2017-04-10 - 2017-04-13
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2017-02-10 (All day)
Obergurgl (Austria)

The goal of the conference is to bring together leading theorists and experimentalists, both junior and established, working at the exciting interface between few- and many-body physics in cold atoms and beyond. To maximise the benefit for junior researchers, the conference will be preceded by a one-day school on 10 April. Applications for the conference are now being accepted at the following website: http://exploring-quantum-systems.at/ Please forward this to anyone who may be interested. We hope to see you in Obergurgl!

Quantum Matter Theory Group

Walter Hofstetter

Quantum Optics

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Cavity QED, Bose-Einstein condensation, quantum critical phenomena

Peter Domokos
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