Quantum Simulation

Pre-publication of the LEIT-ICT WP18-20 (including QKD Testbed)


The European Commission has made available the prepublication version of the calls for the ICT part of the Work-programme 2018-2020. the documents contains the call for the QKD testbed

Following up yesterday announcement, with the prepublication of the FET workprogramme (you can find the previous announcement here http://qurope.eu/db/news/prepublication-h2020-fet-work-programme-2018-2020 ), the European Commission has made available the prepublication version of another piece of the 2018-2020 work-programme, the one dedicated to the Information and Communication Technology (ICT), which include the call for the QKD testbed. you can find the document here https://ec.europa.eu/programmes/horizon2020/sites/horizon2020/files/h202...

Prepublication of the H2020 FET work Programme 2018-2020


The EC has made available a prepubblication version of the H2020 Work programme 2018-2020

The European Commission has made available a draft version of the work-programme 2018-2020, which can be found at this link: https://ec.europa.eu/programmes/horizon2020/en/what-work-programme

This is still a preliminary version pending formal adoption by the European Commission, which should happen in October.

Synthetic dimensions in quantum engineered systems

2017-11-20 - 2017-11-23
ETH Zurich

Recent technological advances have spurred on the study of topological phenomena in engineered bosonic systems. Examples of such systems include cold-atoms in optical lattices, integrated photonics, exciton-polariton systems, as well as coupled mechanical structures.

Interview Servaas Kokkelmans on quantum technology

Servaas Kokkelmans, joint discussion meeting associated to the VPRO TV sho

Quantum simulators

Servaas Kokkelmans, VENI seminar, Eindhoven, April 2017

Rydberg crystals, quantum plasma's and quantum degenerate electrons

Servaas Kokkelmans, Workshop on long-range interactions, Ercolano, Italy, Sept 2016

Rydberg crystals as quantum simulators

Servaas Kokkelmans, QuSoft, Amsterdam, Netherlands, April 2016

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