Quantum Metrology, Sensing and Imaging

Former name: Quantum Technologies

Department of Industrial Engineering - University of Trento

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Single photon detection and imaging.

Quantum radiation detection.

Prof. Dario Petri

Quantum flagship - Summary of results of the Commission High Level Steering Committee first meeting


The document containing a summary of results of the Commission HLSC is available for download 

The Commission High Level Steering Committee (http://qurope.eu/db/news/expert-group-quantum-technology-flagship) has released a summary of the results obtained during its first meeting (Brussels, Tuesday 20 Spetember 2016).

The file can be downloaded here.

Quantum Device Group

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Our research group explores the physics of information in quantum integrated circuits, which we design, realize and measure. These objects can be viewed as quantum machines processing information. In contrast with ordinary circuits, in which quantum mechanics enters only at the level of individual electrons, the degrees of freedom of these machines at the signal level behave according to the laws of quantum mechanics.

Benjamin Huard

ESAS Winter School "Novel frontiers in superconducting electronics"

2016-12-12 - 2016-12-17
Registration deadline: 
2016-10-15 (All day)
Pozzuoli (Napoli, Italy)


Dear Colleagues,

We are glad to inform you about the ESAS Winter school on Novel Frontiers in Superconducting Electronics: from Fundamental Concepts and Advanced Materials towards Future Applications.

The ESAS Winter school will take place on December 12-17, 2016, in Pozzuoli (Napoli), Italy.
We are also very glad to communicate that the following lecturers have confirmed their participation in the school:

Superconducting nanowire networks

Research Type: 

Macroscopic quantum phenomena

Superconduting quantum phase slips

Superconducting electronics


Carmine Attanasio

quantum optomechanics lab

Research Type: 
  • Quantum-nondemolition (QND) measurements in optomechanical systems
  • Quantum noises in continuous measurements of motion
  • Development of low-loss micro/nano resonators for applications in quantum optomechanics
  • Manipulation of non classical states of optical field through optomechanical interaction
  • Control of micro/nano mechanical resonators in the quantum regime
Giovanni Andrea Prodi


Full Name: 
Generation and detection of multipartite entanglement in quantum optical systems
Geza Toth
Running time: 
2011-03-01 - 2017-02-28

During the last decade, quantum entanglement has been intensively studied within quantum information science and has also appeared as a natural goal of recent quantum experiments. Because of that the theoretical background of detecting entanglement has been rapidly developing. However, most of this development concentrated on bipartite or few-party entanglement, while today's experiments typically involve many particles.

Quantum Information Theory and Quantum Metrology

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Our group works on various aspects of quantum information theory related to creation and characterization of quantum entanglement. We are especially interested in entanglement in quantum optical systems, such as cold gases or photonic systems. We also work on quantum metrlogy, in paricular, on using entangled quantum states for quantum enhanced metrology.

Geza Toth

Quantum Detection, Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology

Research Type: 

Superconducting quantum circuits, metamaterials, detectors

Evgeni Ilichev

Quantum transport and nanodevices group

Research Type: 
  • Quantum transport in topological systems
  • Spintronics and Spincaloritronics in nanodevices
  • Transport properties in fractional quantum Hall systems and Luttinger liquids
  • Non-equilibrium many-body systems
  • Quantum thermodynamics in out-of-equilibrium systems
  • Energy exchange in driven dissipative quantum systems
  • Quantum heat and spin transport in topological insulators
  • Electron quantum optics
  • Geometric and holonomic manipulation of quantum systems
Maura Sassetti (University of Genoa and CNR-SPIN) and Paolo Solinas (CNR-SPIN)
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