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QUIE2T WP2 has submitted a report on its deliverables D2.3.1 and D2.3.2.

The reports are available for public download at the WP2 deliverables page. They contain a detailed description of the features that are integrated in the qurope.eu web site, that allow a classification and analysis of the database material that is relevant to QIPC.

Updating the Roadmap and QICS


The Virtual Institutes have been contacted to start work on the final update of the QIPC Roadmap and the QICS.

The update is expected for the end of the QUIE2T project, i.e. Feb 2013. It is expected that the QIPC Roadmap and the Quantum Information Classification Scheme are going to see a new major revision within the next few months.

QUIE2T sponsors ICAP'12 round table


QUIE2T is the main sponsor of a public round table that features several Nobel prize laureates.

The round table is organized during the ICAP 2012 conference, and is one of the highlights of several special events. This public event is sponsored by the 'Quantum Envoy' program of the Coordination Action QUIE2T.

Philippe Grangier receives the 2012 Charles Hard Townes award


Philippe Grangier has been awarded the 2012 Charles Hard Townes prize.

The Charles Hard Townes award was established in 1980 to honor Charles Hard Townes, a pioneer in the field of masers and lasers, whose contributions led to the development of quantum electronics. It is awarded to a researcher or a group of researchers for outstanding experimental or theoretical work within the field of optics and quantum electronics.

Ian Walmsley elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society


Many congratulations to QUIE2T Work Package leader Ian Walmsley upon his election as a Fellow of the Royal Society!

The citation reads

Quantum Information Classification Scheme updated


Version 1.2 of the QICS is available.

The on-line version of the document can be browsed here.
A pdf of the full document will be generated following this link.
Old versions of the QICS are archived here.

Second QUIE2T Review

Bingen (Mainz) Germany

Time: 18.4.2012
Place: NH Hotel Bingen,  Museumstrasse 3, 55411 Bingen

The second QUIE2T review will take place within the traditional QIPC Cluster Review Meeting. Also, as usual, there will be an open day and some social activities. See the website for program and details.

See also the Event page.

QIPC cluster review meeting

2012-04-18 - 2012-04-20
NH Hotel Bingen, Museumstrasse 3, D-55411 Bingen (Mainz) Germany

This is the traditional QIPC cluster reviews. The program is as follows:

Call For Conference Proposals published


A call for proposals for the next QUIE2T sponsored QIPC conference has been published.

A call for proposals for the next QUIE2T sponsored QIPC conference has been published.

QUIE2T presentation at FET Info Day


QUIE2T coordinator Vladimir Buzek has been selected to share his experiences about running a CA at the FET Proactive Information Day.

The Information Day - FP7-Call-9 took place on 18 Jan 2012 in Brussels and was attended by some ~250 people. The slides of the presentation are available for download from the Info Day Agenda.

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