Philippe Grangier receives the 2012 Charles Hard Townes award


Philippe Grangier has been awarded the 2012 Charles Hard Townes prize.

The Charles Hard Townes award was established in 1980 to honor Charles Hard Townes, a pioneer in the field of masers and lasers, whose contributions led to the development of quantum electronics. It is awarded to a researcher or a group of researchers for outstanding experimental or theoretical work within the field of optics and quantum electronics.

This year it has been given to Philippe Grangier for "major advances in fundamental quantum optics, based on the invention or development of methods and experimental techniques that have led to innovative applications in quantum information".

Philippe Grangier, who is a QUIE2T WP leader and an AQUTE PI, is research director at CNRS since 1988 and leads the group of Quantum Optics Laboratory Charles Fabry, UMR CNRS and the Institut d'Optique Graduate School. He is also professor at the Ecole Polytechnique. 

After making many experimental studies on non-classical properties of light (single-photon states, squeezed states, QND measurements), it is currently using the methods and tools of quantum optics in the broader context of treatment quantum information, one goal is to perform simple logic operations acting on "quantum bits" or qubits. 

He is also a board member of the IFRAF, and of the Scientific Council of the start-up SEQURENET, which operates the applications of his work in quantum cryptography.

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