Feedback-optimized operations with linear ion crystals

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J. Eble, S. Ulm, P. Zahariev, F. Schmidt-Kaler, K. Singer


Journal of the Optical Society of America B 27, A99 (2010) - selected for publication in the July 2010 issue of Virtual Journal of Quantum Information

We report transport operations with linear crystals of 40Ca+ ions performed by applying complex electric time-dependent potentials. For their control we use the information obtained from the ions’ fluorescence. We demonstrate that by means of this feedback technique, we can transport a predefined number of ions and also split and unify ion crystals. The feedback control allows for a robust scheme, compensating for experimental errors, as it does not rely on a precisely known electrical modeling of the electric potentials in the ion trap beforehand. Our method allows us to generate a self-learning voltage ramp for the required process. With an experimental demonstration of a transport with more than 99.8% success probability, this technique may facilitate the operation of a future ion-based quantum processor.