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2016-08-08 10:13

Following the nomination of the chair, Prof. Mlynek, the Commission has now formally set-up the Commission Expert Group, with 13 very high level academic members, that will provide recommendations on the preparation of the Quantum Technology Flagship.

2016-05-26 10:27

The Joint Research Centre, the European Commission's in-house science service, has published a Science for Policy report on Quantum Technologies.

2016-05-17 13:53

Prof. Tommaso Calarco, Institute of Complex Quantum Systems, and Michael Bolle, President of R&D, Robert Bosch GmbH, argue that new cooperation models are needed to bridge university research and industry.

2016-04-22 10:35

The article, published today on Nature, featuring also an interview to Tommaso Calarco, details the start of the initiative and the weight of the Quantum Manifesto had on the final decision from the commission.

2016-04-20 08:14

The preparatory steps will begin already this year.


2016-04-18 04:31

More than 10,000 computer-game enthusiasts have helped physicists in Denmark to design better protocols for running quantum computers.

2016-04-08 14:46

Commissioner Oettinger announces 1b€ flagship on Quantum Technologies

2016-04-01 18:18

Physical Review A has recently changed its formal statement of coverage to explicitly include Quantum Information.

2016-04-01 18:13

One of the most prestigious journals on mathematical and theoretical physics, “Annales Henri Poincaré” (AHP), has opened a Section in Quantum Information Theory.

2016-03-13 23:44

"With Airbus Group’s recent move to set up a quantum computing unit at its Newport plant, the Company aims to leverage the colossal power offered by quantum computing and apply it to its aerospace activities."

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