Call for nominations for the QIPC Young Investigator Award 2015


Nominations for the QIPC Young Investigator Award 2015 are now open.

The 2015 QIPC Young Investigator Award will be presented to an outstanding young researcher in the field of Quantum Information Processing and Communication during the QIPC international conference in Leeds, 13th - 18th September 2015,

The award consists of a diploma and a lump sum of 4000€.

Important notice : Following a decision by the Advisory Board of Experts (ABE), the age limit condition is modified and becomes :

- applicants should be no more than 35 years old in 2015 (i.e., born in 1980 or later)

- this limit can be extended to 37  (i.e., born in 1978 or later) for special reasons such as compulsory military service, maternity or paternity leave, special medical conditions... Such exceptions must be thoroughly documented, and they will be examined on a case by case basis. There is no appeal on the final decision taken by the ABE.

Nominations, including self-nominations, should be submitted electronically not later than *Sunday April 19th, 2015* to the e-mail address: admin [at] qurope [dot] eu.

The nominations should include a short CV of the candidate (with birthdate), a letter containing a one page summary of the candidate's achievements, a list of key publications, and at least two letters of endorsement. The letter should be prepared in pdf-format. Candidates are encouraged to also submit an oral presentation at the QIPC 2015 conference at the University of Leeds, 13th - 18th September 2015.

The received nominations will first be screened by the QUTE-EUROPE management, and then forwarded to the Advisory Board of Experts to obtain an official recommendation. This recommendation has to be approved by the QUTE-EUROPE Steering Committee by a simple majority vote. In case no majority can be reached, the vote by the Project Coordinator will be decisive. There is no appeal on decisions.


Previous awardees:

Dr. Fernando Brandao - For his highly appraised achievements in entanglement theory, quantum complexity theory, and quantum many-body physics, which combine dazzling mathematical ability and impressive physical insight;


Dr. Patrick Joachim Windpassinger - For his broad experimental work in the field of quantum information processing, and especially for his recent achievements in the context of magnetism and synthetic gauge fields, which stand at the forefront of exciting developments in quantum simulation with cold atoms in optical lattices.

Dr. Ronald Hanson - For his experimental work on the coherent control and measurements of single spins in solids, and his proven leadership and independence through the successful establishment of his own research group


Dr. Stefano Pironio - For his theoretical contributions to the study of quantum correlations and quantum communications, concerning in particular device-independent quantum cryptography

Dr. Jeremy L. O'Brien - For his pioneering contributions to optical quantum information processing and quantum measurement.

Dr. Michal Horodecki - For his remarkable overall achievements in the field of QIPC, and for the recent discovery of the quantum state merging and its implications.


Dr. Michael Wolf - For his recent groundbreaking contributions to the determination of quantum capacities of quantum channels, bridging quantum information and many-body physics, and to deep understanding of Gaussian quantum systems.