2016 Quantum Conference in Amsterdam


The Netherlands is planning to organize a Quantum Technologies conference in spring 2016 in Amsterdam in cooperation with the European Commission.


To enhance overall interest, activity and investment in Quantum Technologies across Europe, the Netherlands is planning to organize a conference in Amsterdam in cooperation with the European Commission. The aim of the conference is to foster collaboration between European scientific and industry communities, showcase innovation and provide a platform to present a comprehensive vision and roadmap across the spectrum of Quantum Technologies. The Presidency will report the conclusions of the Conference to the Competitiveness Council in May 2016. The conference builds upon the process of the QUTE Coordination Actions and the Industry roundtable that Günther Oettinger, Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, is hosting in October.

This conference will take place during the Dutch EU Presidency in the first half of 2016, and reflects the Dutch confidence in the value of Quantum Technologies to European science and competitiveness. The Netherlands is convinced of the scientific, economic, and strategic importance of Quantum Technologies for Europe. The government and other public organizations have therefore allocated significant R&D budgets to the QuTech center in Delft. By putting it on the agenda of its EU Presidency, The Netherlands hopes to contribute the growth of Quantum Technologies across Europe.

Once the date of the Conference will be set we will provide more information on the process as foreseen by the European Commission and the Dutch Presidency.