Quantum control of few- to many-body systems for quantum technologies

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Ulm University (Insitute of Quantum Information Processing)
20 January, 2011


48° 24' 15.4728" N, 9° 58' 45.6564" E

The Insitute of Quantum Information Processing of the Ulm University is looking for several Post-doc and Ph.D students to work in the group of Prof. T.Calarco on quantum control of few- to many-body systems for quantum technologies.

Independent and brilliant candidates with experience in quantum information, quantum optics and/or quantum control are invited to apply. The positions last up to three years starting from early 2011.

The salary follows standard German rules (E13 positions for post-docs). To ensure consideration, candidates should send their CV and the name of up to three potential reference names to donatella [dot] rosetti [at] uni-ulm [dot] de before the 20th January 2011. However, applications will be accepted until all positions are filled.

Research lines include:

  • Controlled quantum dynamics of ion Coulomb crystals (EU project PICC "The Physics of Ion Coulomb Crystals: Thermodynamics, Quantum control, and Quantum simulators");
  • Quantum control theory applied to diamond color centers (EU project DIAMANT - "Diamond based atomic nanotechnologies");
  • Atomic-based quantum interfaces (EU project MALICIA - "Light-Matter interfaces in absence of cavities" - and German BMBF project QUOREP - "Quantum repeater platforms with quantum optical methods").
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