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Centre for Quantum Optical Technologies, University of Warsaw
8 November, 2019


Centre of New Technologies, University of Warsaw Warsaw
The Centre for Quantum Optical Technologies, established under the International Research Agenda Programme operated by the Foundation for Polish Science and hosted by the Centre of New Technologies, University of Warsaw, seeks to fill up to four postdoctoral positions. The main objective of research efforts at the Centre is to explore specifically quantum phenomena, such as superpositions and entanglement, to develop new modes of quantum information processing and transmission, metrology, sensing, and imaging. Successful candidates will work in a team of theorists and experimentalists on fundamental properties of quantum systems, such as quantum coherence and entanglement, and their applications in quantum technologies, such as quantum metrology, sensing, communication, and computation.
Candidates should have a PhD degree in physics or related area, and have research expertise commensurate with the education level of the candidate in at least one of the following topics: optical physics, quantum optics, photonics, information theory, statistical mathematics, image processing.
University of Warsaw strongly values the diversity of candidates and is very committed to the equality of opportunity:
Required documents:
1. Curriculum vitae
2. Research record
3. Contact details of at least one senior researcher familiar with candidate’s work
4. Consent clause for processing personal data in the application process, signed and scanned, or electronically signed, that can be downloaded from
should be submitted via email to qot-jobs [at] cent [dot] uw [dot] edu [dot] pl by 8th November 2019.
Further information can be found at