PostDoctoral position in quantum information

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TU Dortmund
28 February, 2014


TU Dortmund Dortmund
51° 31' 32.808" N, 7° 31' 17.976" E
Postdoctoral position:
Precise and Robust Quantum Gates for Spin Qubits in Diamond-NV Centers
The Technical University of Dortmund has an opening for a postdoctoral researcher in a newly funded project that will develop and implement robust quantum gate operations for spin qubits in diamond. The electronic and nuclear spins associated with the nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond have become some of the most promising solid-state qubits. The properties that make them so attractive include the limited Hilbert space, excellent controllability, and long coherence times, all leading to the possibility of implementing quantum algorithms with high precision. In addition, the relatively easy initialization and readout of individual qubits and the possibility of room-temperature operation lead to lower hurdles for experimental implementations than in other solid-state systems. The goal of this project is the realization of this potential, i.e. the implementation of quantum registers on the basis of NV centers and the optimal implementation of demonstration-type quantum tasks in these systems. Our main focus will be the optimization of precision (fidelity) and robustness of the gate operations. This includes the protection of the quantum registers against environmental noise as well as the design and implementation of gates that are insensitive to experimental imperfections, such as deviations in the amplitudes of control fields. In the past, we have made excellent progress towards this goal, mostly working with single quantum bits. In the present project, we will focus on extending these results to multi-qubit systems, in particular hybrid systems consisting of electronic as well as nuclear spins.
Additional information on the research environment is available at
The ideal candidate for this position has a solid background in quantum information and / or magnetic resonance. He / she should send an application, including CV, academic transcript, statement of previous research experience, and contact information for 3 referees to Dieter [dot] Suter [at] tu-dortmund [dot] de.
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