Postdocs @ Quantum Foundations, Nonlocality & Information Group in Taiwan

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Tainan, Taiwan
31 July, 2020


National Cheng Kung University
No. 1 University Road
Tainan 701

The Quantum Nonlocality, Foundations and Information group led by Yeong-Cherng Liang is hiring two postdoctoral researchers to work on topics pertinent to quantum resources (entanglement, Bell nonlocality, etc). The group is based at the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) at Tainan, Taiwan but maintains active international collaborations with prominent researchers from various institutions. The group is part of the newly founded Center for Quantum Frontiers of Research & Technology (Fort) based at NCKU and its PI is an active member of the National Center for Theoretical Sciences of Taiwan.

The primary task of the candidate consists of performing research related to the identification, characterization, and the realization of various quantum resources for the implementation of quantum information processing tasks. To this end, research experience in Bell nonlocality, proper finite data analysis, quantum resource theories, etc., are especially welcome. As such, the hired candidate is expected to:
- Have a proven track record of research competence in one or more of the aforementioned topics
- Be familiar with the topics of quantum nonlocality, its applications in device-independent quantum information, and/or other quantum resources
- Have a strong desire to learn and share
- Have good verbal and written communication skills in English
- Have the willingness to guide and supervise graduate students

Depending on the starting date (which can be anytime on or after 1st August 2020), the initial appointment may last up to a year but is renewable (subjected to a positive internal review) on a yearly basis until, at least, the end of July 2023. The starting gross monthly salary for a fresh Ph.D. graduate is TWD59,000 (~EUR1700), while a candidate who has accrued some postdoctoral experience will receive a higher salary in accordance with the guidelines stipulated by the government. Other benefits of the appointment include (but not limited to) access to the National Health Insurance of Taiwan (after 6 months of employment), year-end bonus (1.5 months, but prorated according to the duration of appointment until the end of the year), initial relocation  (economic class) airfare, contributions toward the retirement fund by the employer (which can be withdrawn upon the termination of the appointment).

Interested candidate may send their CV, a cover letter highlighting their prior experience in the topics mentioned above + the contact of two referees to Yeong-Cherng Liang at ycliang [at] mail [dot] ncku [dot] edu [dot] tw. The positions are opened until filled. For more information about the group, please see: