Post-doc position in topological phases and quantum information

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Macquarie University, Sydney Dept. of Physics
21 April, 2010


33° 52' 2.9532" S, 151° 12' 25.164" E

Three year post-doc position in theoretical quantum physics available immediately.
Project title "Topological order and anyons: quantum engineering of emergent physics".
This theory project will find ways to design topologically ordered phases of matter using quantum engineering of interactions in spin lattices. The researcher will help develop theory for prototype realisations using atom optical systems such as atoms in optical lattices or solid state devices such as Josephson junction arrays. Applications of topologically order will be investigated such as: topological quantum computation and coherent control of anyons to study statistical mechanics of braided systems. Persons with experience in quantum information, condensed matter, or atomic physics and especially those with interest in all three areas are encouraged to apply.

Salary beginning at Level A6 (86,363 $AU) and indexed by year (through Dec. 2012). Support for international travel is also available.

Please send applications including CV, brief description of previous work/experience, and list of publications to:
Assoc. Prof. Gavin Brennen
gbrennen [at] ics [dot] mq [dot] edu [dot] au

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