PhD/Postdoc: Quantum Error Correction For Superconducting Qubits

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Aachen, Germany
1 September, 2012


50° 46' 23.9448" N, 6° 6' 7.5996" E

(with Profs. Terhal and DiVincenzo)

The Institute for Quantum Information at the RWTH Aachen is looking for a PhD candidate and/or postdoc who will work on developing code architectures for superconducting qubits. The goal of this project is to optimize known ideas of such architectures to the specific details and constraints of the experimental devices in terms of coupling of qubits, timescales, qubit measurement, and addressing. Exciting recent progress at IBM Research opens up new work to be done on realistic, scalable designs, and close collaboration with the IBM group is anticipated. It is important for the candidate to be familiar with quantum error correction and the physics of Josephson junction qubits.

Please send your CV to Helene Barton hbarton [at] physik [dot] rwth-aachen [dot] de and refer to the description of this position.

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