Russian Quantum Center (RQC)

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About Us

On December 14, 2010, the Russian Innovation Hub Skolkovo announced the selection of its first 16 resident projects. Certificate No. 13 was awarded to the project "International Center for Quantum Optics and Quantum Technologies" - the Russian Quantum Center (RQC). This day can be considered the official birthday of the RQC.
The Russian Quantum Center will conduct scientific research that could lead to a fundamentally new class of technologies in the near future. Among the potential results of this research are safe data transmission networks, new materials with superior properties, optical sub-micron transistors, high-frequency optical electronics, new systems for ultrasensitive imaging of the brain and accurate clocks for navigation systems. The Center will bring together about a dozen research groups, totaling about one hundred scientists of both Russian and international origin.
Our vision is an institute that will be able to integrate itself into the international scientific community and take on a leading position in quantum science and technologies, both in Russia and internationally.
The structure, funding, and operational principles of RQC are aligned with this goal. The highest governing bodies of the Center are the International Advisory Board, represented by the world leaders in this area of science, and the Board of Trustees, composed of representatives of the Russian government, as well as major figures in the Russian and world economies.
The principal investigators of RQC will be recruited via an open international competition from among the most promising young scientists around the world. We are striving not only for the reversal of the "brain drain", but also to attract the very best scientists regardless of nationality.
We hope that the RQC will help make Russia a world leader in the field of quantum technology and re-establish the scientific and technological power of our country. This will be facilitated not only by the scientific and technical accomplishments of the center, but also by collaboration with leading Russian and foreign institutions and firms engaged in the same field, thus fostering integration between the Russian and international scientific communities.
An extensive program of scientific exchanges and workshops will allow RQC researchers to attend seminars and discussions with prominent international scholars and receive first-hand training in their laboratories. Because our scientific staff will also serve on faculty of Moscow's technical colleges, Russian students will be able to study different aspects of quantum physics in accordance with the highest international standards of education.
The qualified personnel trained at the Center will enable timely implementation of quantum technologies in various areas of Russia's economy.

Our Mission

  • To establish a national research institution of a new type that will set a nationwide standard of quality for science and education.
  • To explore the quantum frontier, uncover new science and develop new technologies.
  • To attract the very best brains from all over the world, provide excellent education to students at all levels and train highly qualified experts in this field.
  • To foster integration between Russian and international research communities and help revive our country's leadership in science and technology.
Ruslan Yunusov


Business-center "Ural", 100A, Novaya street Skolkovo, Moscow 143025
Phone: +7 495 280 1291