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Focus: Intercontinental, Quantum-Encrypted Messaging and Video

Fri, 2018-01-19 11:00

Author(s): Philip Ball

China and Austria used a satellite link to exchange quantum encrypted data for images and a video stream, a first step toward a secure “quantum internet.”

[Physics 11, 7] Published Fri Jan 19, 2018

Categories: Physics

Synopsis: Reflectivity of Ultrathin Mirror Switches with Voltage

Thu, 2018-01-18 11:00

Researchers designed an atomically thin mirror with electronically switchable reflectivity that could be useful in optoelectronic circuits.  

[Physics] Published Thu Jan 18, 2018

Categories: Physics

Synopsis: Snowflake Topological Insulator

Thu, 2018-01-18 11:00

A two-dimensional array of holes shaped like snowflakes could route acoustic waves along an internal edge without any wave backscattering.

[Physics] Published Thu Jan 18, 2018

Categories: Physics

Viewpoint: A Possible Failure of Determinism in General Relativity

Wed, 2018-01-17 11:00

Author(s): Harvey Reall

A numerical analysis of perturbations of a charged black hole suggests that the usual predictability of the laws of physics can fail in general relativity.

[Physics 11, 6] Published Wed Jan 17, 2018

Categories: Physics

Viewpoint: Spin Gyroscope is Ready to Look for New Physics

Tue, 2018-01-16 11:00

Author(s): Derek F. Jackson Kimball

An enhanced version of a magnetometer based on atomic spins could be used to search for theoretically predicted exotic fields with ultrahigh sensitivity.

[Physics 11, 5] Published Tue Jan 16, 2018

Categories: Physics

Synopsis: Eyeing the Storm

Fri, 2018-01-12 11:00

Numerical simulations of a hurricane-like system have determined the conditions necessary for the formation of a calm “eye” in the center of the storm.

[Physics] Published Fri Jan 12, 2018

Categories: Physics

Synopsis: Space Measurements of Secondary Cosmic Rays

Thu, 2018-01-11 11:00

New data from the International Space Station shed light on how secondary cosmic rays propagate through space.

[Physics] Published Thu Jan 11, 2018

Categories: Physics

Synopsis: An Atlas for 2D Metals

Wed, 2018-01-10 11:00

A new “atlas” lists the predicted properties of two-dimensional materials that could be formed from many metallic elements in the periodic table.

[Physics] Published Wed Jan 10, 2018

Categories: Physics

Feature: Meetings: Travel Advice for a Trip to the Red Planet

Tue, 2018-01-09 11:00

Artificial intelligence could help scientists choose the best landing spots for rovers on Mars.

[Physics 11, 4] Published Tue Jan 09, 2018

Categories: Physics

Synopsis: Plasmon Thermometers for Silicon

Tue, 2018-01-09 11:00

Electron oscillations in silicon may be used to map, with nanometer resolution, the temperatures across a silicon device.

[Physics] Published Tue Jan 09, 2018

Categories: Physics

Viewpoint: X-Ray Probe Targets Interfaces

Mon, 2018-01-08 11:00

Author(s): Anders Nilsson

A new spectroscopy technique employs x rays from a free electron laser to measure the properties of interfaces that may be hidden within a material.

[Physics 11, 2] Published Mon Jan 08, 2018

Categories: Physics

Viewpoint: A Multimode Dial for Interatomic Interactions

Mon, 2018-01-08 11:00

Author(s): Hakan E. Türeci

A tunable multimode optical cavity modifies interactions between atomic condensates trapped in its interior from long range to short range, paving the way towards exploring novel collective quantum phenomena.

[Physics 11, 3] Published Mon Jan 08, 2018

Categories: Physics

Focus: How to Sculpt a Crystal

Fri, 2018-01-05 11:00

Author(s): David Ehrenstein

A new technique allows researchers complete control over the shapes of individual subcrystals within a larger crystal, which could lead to new ways to modify material properties.

[Physics 11, 1] Published Fri Jan 05, 2018

Categories: Physics

Synopsis: A Doubly Curved Light Wave

Thu, 2018-01-04 11:00

Using a combination of light-bending techniques, researchers have demonstrated a light beam that accelerates in a curved space.

[Physics] Published Thu Jan 04, 2018

Categories: Physics

Synopsis: Twisted Cavity Is a One-Way Light Path

Wed, 2018-01-03 11:00

A cavity containing spin-polarized atoms can serve as an optical isolator that breaks time-reversal symmetry by letting only forward-moving light pass.  

[Physics] Published Wed Jan 03, 2018

Categories: Physics

Synopsis: The Coldest Water

Tue, 2018-01-02 11:00

A new technique has measured the lowest temperature ever recorded for liquid water.

[Physics] Published Tue Jan 02, 2018

Categories: Physics

Focus: Detecting Gravitational Waves by Watching Stars

Fri, 2017-12-29 11:00

Author(s): Philip Ball

A passing gravitational wave produces shifts in the apparent positions of the stars, and these motions should be detectable with the Gaia space telescope.

[Physics 10, 138] Published Fri Dec 29, 2017

Categories: Physics

Viewpoint: 3D Imaging of Hopping Molecules

Fri, 2017-12-29 11:00

Author(s): Eli Barkai and Yuval Garini

The 3D motion of molecules at a solid-liquid interface is directly imaged for the first time.

[Physics 10, 139] Published Fri Dec 29, 2017

Categories: Physics

Synopsis: Sorting Photons via Their Radial Quantum Number

Thu, 2017-12-28 11:00

A new method groups photons based on the radial component of their angular momentum.

[Physics] Published Thu Dec 28, 2017

Categories: Physics

Synopsis: Nuclear Masses Don’t Add Up

Wed, 2017-12-27 11:00

The sum of the proton and deuteron masses minus the helium-3 nucleus mass, obtained from a measurement with a molecular ion, remains at odds with the number calculated from accepted values for these masses.

[Physics] Published Wed Dec 27, 2017

Categories: Physics