Ultraclean Emission from InAsP Quantum Dots in Defect-Free Wurtzite InP Nanowires

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D. Dalacu, K. Mnaymneh, J. Lapointe, X. Wu †, P. J. Poole, G. Bulgarini, V. Zwiller, and M. E. Reimer


Nano Lett. 12, 5919 (2012)

We report on the ultraclean emission from single quantum dots embedded in pure wurtzite nanowires. Using a two-step growth process combining selective-area and vapor–liquid–solid epitaxy, we grow defect-free wurtzite InP nanowires with embedded InAsP quantum dots, which are clad to diameters sufficient for waveguiding at λ 950 nm. The absence of nearby traps, at both the nanowire surface and along its length in the vicinity of the quantum dot, manifests in excitonic transitions of high spectral purity. Narrow emission line widths (30 μeV) and very-pure single photon emission with a probability of multiphoton emission below 1% are achieved, both of which were not possible in previous work where stacking fault densities were significantly higher.